The world’s first full-color 3D UV-curable inkjet printer

With the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 UV LED printing solution we introduced a brand new approach to 3D printing. This is the world’s first 3D printer with over 10 million colours, enabling the production of 3D objects, eliminating the time-consuming finishing and the risk of damaging small detailed parts.

Catégorie :
  • Printing in Full Colour with over 10 million colours with ICC profiling/proofing
  • Water-soluble support material, which prevent small detailed parts to break
  • Extreme high uptime
  • WYSWYG What You See is What You Get
  • Build size 500 x 500 x 300 mm
  • Transparency for glossy effects
  • Possibility to mix clear and colours to achieve different levels of transparency
  • Existing 3D data of white objects can be easily coloured in 3D Link software
  • Strength of the material is comparable with ABS
  • 3 printing qualities (20 – 32 – 42 micron layering)
  • Smooth surface


Prototypes, tools (making industry), architecture models, offshore & ship presentation models, toys, 3D art, 3D signing, accessories and more.